Monday, June 14, 2010

No Your Eyes Do Not Deceive

My good friends know I do a lot of work on the computer, namely on my Mac (MacBook Pro for anyone who's interested). Because of what I do at home (blogging, genealogy, etc.) and what I do for a living (Computer Lab at a K-8 school), this means I keep track of a LOT OF STUFF.

I started out a few years ago finding I needed an external hard drive, as my flash drives (yes I have multiples of those too) didn't have the space to save all of my stuff. I just purchased external hard drive #7 to hold my iTunes School data. That contains music I've made as part of my classes, but mostly videos I've made for the school and podcasts that have educational merit. The podcasts alone ate up the space on my hard drive last year, and now it's eating up the space on one of the external hard drives that I need to store other stuff on, so it's getting its own external hard drive.

And yes, I've gotten so many of these things I've labelled them so I know which is which. ;)

I think I need to buy stock in Western Digital, I'm keeping them in business.

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