Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Life

There's a song recorded by Barry Manilow called Another Life. I know I'll probably get this wrong, but part of the chorus goes like this:

That was another life,
Simply another life and baby it's all gone.
Can't you see the past is past,
Somethings just aren't made to last
No point in holding on
To another life.

Lately that song has been ringing true for me. I had a pre-Decker life, a During Decker life and now I have a Post-Decker life and I'm moving on. So, along those lines:

Don't see it? Somewhere between The Bangles and Belinda Carlisle should be Barry Manilow. His music, images and the videos are now removed from my computer. Needless to say it's cleared several gigabytes of space. :)