Monday, April 16, 2018

RIP Harry Anderson

Self Care While Caregiving

If you are like me, as a caregiver you are in a world that evolves around the person you are caregiving for.  Please remember to take some time for yourself to take care of you.  Dr. Gabor Mate’ gives some startling information on how caregiving affects the bodies of those providing the care.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

April 14, 2018

So far today:

I’ve fed the cats (twice, morning and evening)
Changed 2 litter boxes
Taken out two bags of trash
Run a load of dishes in the dishwasher
Rode with a friend who was kind and took my old refrigerator out to Mesa HHW (he took another one for a coworker)
Run 3 loads of laundry (load one is done and put away, load 2 is in the dryer, load 3 in the washer)
Taken two bags of recycling out
Made a Container Store haul
Cleaned out the area above the Refrigerator and gathered most of the vases (a few are in use) and put them up there
Pulled out the new refrigerator and cleaned out the walls and floor from the previous refrigerator 

How do I feel at this point?  Tired and nauseous.  My hormones are still wonky.

Still, there is more daylight, so who knows what else might get done today!

Beat The Bush - Getting Out of Debt

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thank You Portillos

Between two oral surgeries, one more in two weeks, the wonky hormones I’ve been experiencing, not to mention the regular stress at work, I finally cried uncle tonight, drove to Portillos and ordered their ravioli.  It’s not on the drive through menu, but it is in the restaurant and they were very kind in allowing me, I was so tired I could hardly move, to order it in drive through.

I’ve never had their ravioli, but honey, it was delicious.  Wow.  Generous portions, the triangle of bread was fantastic, I will definitely be back another time.

The Unexpected Home Improvement

Monday’s are the day I usually go grocery shopping.  The providence of God was with me because of a dental appointment after work and then an evening with the Bishop and his wife, getting to know a few of the other ladies from the Ward.  I got home that evening and found that my refrigerator was no longer keeping things cool anymore.

Four trash bags later, that refrigerator was moved out of the way and a new one bought this evening was plugged into it’s place.    The old one was at least 30 years old.  Many thanks to one of my coworkers for his help.

The old one:

The new one: