Monday, June 18, 2018

Editing Is Everything

I LOVE this channel on YouTube.  This goes back to my days at the school when I was not only creating videos (morning announcements, studen council election videos and the annual promotion video for the 8th graders moving to high school), but also teaching kids how to make these videos, including the no longer available AFI curriculum, which I am thankful I downloaded the materials and downloaded the videos featuring Sean Astin.

Erika, we need to do another late night (video creating) Panda Express run, my friend.

Here is the link to Dani’s channel:

Dani’s video on how to create the edited movies (I used iMovie as we didn’t have access to the Adobe Suite):

The Finished Product, Luna:

More information:

One final word (there’s a surprise coming, I promise):

And now, for the exciting surprise, she did a 7 genres edit of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Costco Haul

I ended up going to two Costco’s, but I guess they no longer have the cat trees in the stores anymore.  Oh well, I’ll look to see what Petsmart has.

Do you remember during Winter Break (and the week after), I purchased and paid to have a new HVAC system and a new hot water heater installed?  Because I have an executive membership at Costco, I received gift cards with a percentage of the purchase prices back.  Because of this, I used one of the gift cards and stocked up on cat food and picked up a few things to use around the house.

I bought two cases each of the two kinds of cat food sold there:

I found a few things I can use here at home:

Thank you, Costco!

Surprising DNA Results

Simon has a number of different channels, all with well researched information.  I thought this might interest some of my genealogy minded friends.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Recycling 1 Day Early

After getting home from work and feeding the cats, it was early enough (and enough daylight left) to take some of the recycling out, including some of the rusted dishes from my Mother’s home.  

The paper went, the blue bin for paper (non-shredded) recycling and the plastic bins (also damaged) with contents were driven over.  The cardboard bins are already filled, so it was just as well I couldn’t fit my overflowing cardboard stash in my car.  I believe they pick up tomorrow, I’ll check after work to make sure.

Now, for some sweet and sour chicken and steamed veggies, followed by some Marie Calendar’s Banana Cream Pie.  Yum.

Happy 20th Anniversary

The love of my eternal life.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Hello, Menopause!

With everything else I’ve been through (widowed at 33, lost Dad at 40, lost Mom at 50), you would think I would catch a break, right?


The doctor confirmed what I had already suspected:  I am now officially in menopause.

That and my sugar was up, but given the diet of M&M’s I’ve been eating lately, yeah.  No surprise there.

My cholesterol was good, as well as my vitamin D.

So, given this information at work, and on a grocery day, I went to Walmart and spent $132.  Some of it was catch up, but a lot of it was emotional spending, and more than I had budgeted for.  Buy hey, it’s menopause, that means limited to no sweets, trying to find a way to get some exercise in,, and popping loads of vitamins.  I’m already on One A Day 50+, Vitamin D and Super B Complex.  I figure I’ll start adding Caltrate to the mix.

My Magnesium was low, but I live in a desert.  A hot desert.  While experiencing hot spells.  Yep.

I did find this article to help:

There is a part of me that wants to binge watch The Golden Girls.  LOL.  Welcome to menopause.