Monday, February 19, 2018

Dining Room Table

Here is a picture of the cleaned and polished dining room table.

I’ve put, just for pictures at this point, the table runner and the trivel I got from the shop at Taliesin West.  The design is the Tree of Life from the Martin house Frank Lloyd Wright designed.  This is my personal favorite of the designs, given my affection for genealogy.

Why only for pictures?  Because the cats will most likely destroy it once they find out I’ve cleared the table.


Today I was going to go to the cemetery, but it’s really blustery out today.

Instead, I slept over by about 4 hours after feeding the cats this morning.

I’ve been watching Sophia’s Fly Lady videos on her channel, My Great Challenge.

It motivated me to clear off the dining room table, which hasn’t seen light in at least 2 years, probably longer.

Once I did that, I decided to finish unwrapping the last of my “gifts” to Jesus regarding the debt that has been gone for a little while now.  Bittersweet that Mom isn’t here to celebrate with me.

I still need to use the Pledge on the table, wash the runner and put a special runner on the table, for just a few minutes.

I also still need to clear out the area around the table.

The remaining “gifts” to Jesus.

The completed “gifts”!

Michaels And Best Buy Hauls

Back on February 9th (Friday afternoon and evening), I made a few stops at Michaels and Best Buy in the Tempe Marketplace on my way home from work.  For Michaels, I needed to pick up flowers for the graves.  For Best Buy, I had pre-ordered an 8 TB external drive (I prefer Western Digital) and a USB hub to be picked up at the store later.

While at Michaels, I also picked up a tote bag to create an idea I have, and a container that I have already put to work in holding Q-Tips in my bathroom.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner

I finally tried out one of the items I purchased from Grove Collaborative, it’s the Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner, in Basil.

I love it.  It does a great job and smells fantastic.  I’ve now placed an order including one in lavender and one in mint.

In the picture below, its to the left with the green label.  I haven’t tried the rest yet, I’ll keep you posted.  :-)

A Few New-To-Me Jane Austen Shows


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tonight’s Costco Haul

Most Costco hauls show food, mine shows everything else.  LOL.  I’m the last of the mohicans, so why would I need 20 pounds of meat?

Yeah, I can’t resist the book aisle.