Sunday, January 14, 2018

My Latest Gadget

I love it.  It folds up when not in use and is not  permanently mounted to anything.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The LDS Section

The LDS section is an entire section (rather than a folder) on religious based apps.  Some are from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, others are from companies that specialize in areas of interest by the LDS population:  genealogy  or family history.  Some are used at Church, some are used outside of Church, all of which are great.


The Entertainment folder is for the specific apps for specific companies providing news and entertainment viewing.  The only generic app here is the Apple TV remote, which doesn’t get used that often on the iPad Pro.

One More Item Off My To Do List

Over the course of his past week, I made little bits of progress in moving the stuff that was left in the extra storage unit moved over to the main storage unit I’ve used for Mom’s stuff.  I’m hoping, with planning, purging and home improvements, I will be able to clear all of that out, scan what I want to keep, recycle what I don’t want and find new homes for the items placed in the main unit.

This morning I was able to empty out the final filing cabinet that was in the extra unit, and after boxing up the contents and moving those boxes to the main storage unit, I was able to move and lift the filing cabinet into the back end of my car, even being able to close the hatchback lid all the way down.

I now have everything together, a receipt showing I closed the extra storage unit, and a little more sanity to what was a crazy year last year.

This part, at least, is finished.


The Shopping folder contains the apps for the stores I use most, interior design (Houzz) and the apps for delivery companies.  Many of these apps assist in also tracking any kind of reward amounts as well.


The Writing section contains not only the apps used for writing, but also the apps containing tools used in writing.  iCard Sort is basically the equivalent of using 3X5 cards to organize the series of events and plot points.  Writer’s App is the app used in previous versions of iOS to write scenes as well as writing out the biographies of characters and basic overviews of plots.  Files is the Apple file folder holding documents or other media written and created by the user.  Dictionary is just that, a dictionary app for word usage.  The one I haven’t used yet, but recently purchased, is Scrivener, and from what I understand it combines some of these other apps into one.

Reading Apps

The Reading folder contains the apps I use for reading all kinds of digital media, whether it’s books or PDF’s (iBooks, Kindle Nook), eMagazines (Oprah, iCreate, Money) News and Information (NPR, News, Wikipedia, Pocket).

Outside of the LDS section of Apps, this is where I store most kind of reading materials.