Monday, June 7, 2010

Could It Be Magic?

Yes, I've gone off the Barry Diet, at least for a short bit. :)

One of my friends on the Barry Manilow newsgroup (or usenet) added a discussion on what we would do if Barry's management took a vacation and left us in charge. I liked the responses to the question, and it put the little hamsters running the wheel in my brain on overdrive. There's a lot that could be done, from how the long-time fans are treated to how Barry and his show are being marketed. Here's the link for the discussion:

There has already been an improvement over what was being done to market his shows at the Hilton, as evidenced by a video Barry and Co. put on YouTube just prior to his Paris Las Vegas show's opening:

But that's been it as far as video footage regarding the show. Paris Las Vegas has tweeted about the show, but nothing to really showcase what kind of a show or the energy I'm sure Barry puts into the show. Just a note of clarification, I haven't seen this show in person.

With that in mind, I pulled out a project I've been wanting to do for the last few years, but never really had a reason to finish it, and decided to give it new life. It was meant to be a slideshow to the song Could It Be Magic, but has now turned into a video featuring bootlegged video footage from his current show I found on YouTube. And no, I'm not going to say where this footage can be found unless people start attacking me for using it.

This video is by no means anywhere near the perfect advertisement, but given better camera equipment, shots at multiple angles, better editing software and a custom arrangement of Could It Be Magic by Barry himself and you get the idea of the possibilites.

Why Could It Be Magic? The music for Could It Be Magic is based on the Prelude in C minor by Frederic Chopin, who lived and composed much of his music in Paris, France.

The pictures of old Paris, France I found online through a University: Europe At Its Zenith

I really need to take some Apple classes on iMovie. :)



janicemary said...

Enjoyed the video.
Nice job.
Always enjoy your contributions to the Manilow -land and
San Clemente 4th Ward
San Clemente, Ca.

Jackilope said...

Nicely done Dawn! :-)


Dawn Bushman said...

Thank you! Would you believe it took me less than 3 hours to make it? That's the beauty of Apple and iMovie.

I enjoy your contributions to the as well, Janice! I'm thankful to have some wonderful friends from there.

MoonStone said...

Nice work Dawn!

moon :)