Sunday, November 30, 2014

iOS 8.1.1

If you have been struggling like I have with app crashes and other assorted craziness, there is a new update for iPad 2 and iPhone 4.  

So far so good, it looks like things are working as they should!  Even the ability to copy and paste has returned!  

Thank you, Apple!

Friday, November 28, 2014


I know, I know, I shouldn't listen to people who use swear words, but I do have to hand it to John Oliver, his logic is spot on.

I'm off for Thanksgiving, so I've been perusing YouTube and came across segments from John Oliver's show.

One of the things that really stopped me was the segment on civil forfeiture.

Have you ever heard of it?  I hadn't, but the more I looked into it, the less I liked it.

Did you know that the police can seize your possessions and not give them back?  It's a little known process called civil forfeiture and it is perfectly legal according to the Supreme Court.

Articles and Resources:

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Day Before

The day before Thanksgiving...

Picked up muffins I had ordered at Wildflower Bakery.

Stopped at Discount Tire to have air put in the tires - the light was on showing they were low.  One was down to 20, however it was 1 1/2 hour wait time to have it checked, so I declined and decided I would take it in on Friday to have it checked instead.

Drove to north Scottsdale to the Costco, not just to gas up the car, but to also run it through their drive through car wash.  My car was filthy with dust and bird droppings and really needed the bath.  It looks so pretty now!

Drove home and ran 5 loads of laundry.

During the laundry, I took out 2 bags of garbage.

I also shopped at Wal-Mart to pick up groceries.  To my great astonishment the store was well stocked (apart from the missing items for Thanksgiving - cards, gift bags and such - and the lines were short.  They had a lot of cashiers working when I was there.

Put together the muffins with cards I already had from years past to give to the sisters I visit teach and my companion.

Went visiting teaching and dropped off muffins and cards, drove companion home.

Ate dinner and ran a load of dishes in the dishwasher in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner.

Not bad for today, I still have more laundry to do (it didn't get done last weekend so I am way behind) and to get things cleaned around the house and recycling taken out for Mom to come over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Friday, November 21, 2014


This has been a crazy day, with my day ending with my car key ripping a hole in the pocket of my jeans.  I'll take it, though, I was protected by a young man who almost t-boned my car this morning.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Halloween Tradition

Mom and I have developed a new tradition:  We sit outside on the driveway in front of the house, I bring a tv tray and, using my iPad, the two of us watch a movie while handing out candy and visiting with neighbors.  It makes for a wonderful evening.

Last night the movie of choice was The Ghost and Mr. Chicken starring Don Knotts.

Last year it was a spookier movie, The Lady In White.

Now the question begs, what should next year be?