Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Non-Barry Diet

As I type this I'm listening to Neil Sedaka's latest CD. Great music.

The last little while I've been on a Non-Barry Manilow diet, and (dare I say?) it's been liberating. No MMN, no, no videos, no music from Barry. I tried the "fan" thing at the suggestion of my grief counselor following the death of my father (and I was finally grieving my husband at the same time). While I don't regret the friends I've made, I'm glad to not be a part of that anymore.

I don't have to worry about the "political correctness" of the fans who have decided they have to defend Barry. Too much estrogen. LOL. Sometimes I wonder how Barry, his management, his customer service people and his fan club administration put up with it all.

I heard a little while ago that the fan club's administration (namely the individual who oversees the membership) jumped on board the MMN with their own personal profile. This is an interesting turn of events, and could be good for the MMN. I'm waiting to see what happens the next time the estrogen goes on high alert and people start attacking each other on there. If someone bullies others, will it be dealt with? I do want to thank Barry, his management and fan club, for at the very least stepping in.

As I'm no longer a part of Manilowland, I'm curious, but that's all. I've got too many other things in my life to waste any more of my time dwelling about any of it anymore. I'm not anti-Barry, but I guess you'd have to say I'm no longer a "fan" if bullying is part of being one of his fans.