Saturday, April 11, 2015

Congratulations on the... Committment?

To all of my friends who know I used to be a fan of Barry Manilow, yes I saw the news.

Am I surprised?  No.  

Am I upset?  No.

I have moved on with my life.  I haven't watched Barry on video, gone to any of his concerts nor listened to his music (except the one song of his on my playlist for writing) in quite a while.

I feel bad for his manager, Garry.  His life was already in somewhat of a goldfish bowl before, given that he is associated with Barry and Barry's fans all know who he is.  Now the media has latched on.

I also feel bad for the fans, namely the ones who wanted to be the next Mrs. Manilow.  My advice is, if they are really having difficulty dealing with this news, box up everything associated with Barry, remove the music from the iPod and place the box in a place that is not easily obtainable. 

As I stated before, I don't think of Barry anymore, unless he comes up in the news as he did this past week, but I am still in touch with the friendships I've made through the fan club, and those are what I treasure out of the whole experience.