Sunday, November 23, 2008

One Tin Soldier

My, how history repeats itself. This song could very appropriately work for today, it was made in the 1960's, this recording is from the 1970's.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dave Walker on 60 Minutes

Here is a 7 - 8 minute interview on Dave Walker from 60 Minutes posted on You Tube. You don't know who Dave Walker is? Watch the video.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Health Updates

My Mother is doing great. She's not had any falls lately, and got her new glasses this past week, so hopefully things will be a lot better for her. The optometrist said she had cataracts in both of her eyes, and they will need to get removed, although they are not that bad yet.

My health has been on the mend. I went to the doctor a week ago today, and was tested for valley fever, pneumonia and broken ribs. The valley fever results were negative, the x-rays showed my lungs were clear and I had no breakage of my ribs. The doctor had already indicated to me she thought that it was the cartilage that has been messed up from my coughing which would explain the pain. There were signs in my blood work of an infection, so I'm on antibiotics. On the whole I am feeling much better now.

This past Sunday my two wonderful home teachers came and gave me a beautiful blessing. Rachel, my cat who was found at the Temple as a kitten, began running between my legs during the blessing, as if to say that not only does Heavenly Father love me, so does she. I know she has been worried at my wheezing because I've awoken in bed to find her face over my mouth to see if I was still breathing. She is a real blessing to have, she also comes and checks on me when I'm having a bad time emotionally.

My thanks and love to everyone who has called and sent me written messages, hopefully I will see you soon. I have Bushman cousin who is giving her Relief Society lesson on Sunday, and her Ward meets at the same time as mine, so I will probably be there this Sunday.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A New Twist On The Elections

For those of you who would like to have seen a different outcome in the elections, click here to see how the election turned out in one high school. It's too bad we can't have the same rules apply to the real elections.

The REAL Financial Crisis

Now that the euphoria (or crying depending upon where you stood) from the elections are over, here's a little video to give you an idea of what the new U.S. Presidency will be facing.

Here is the link Dave Walker gives at the end of this video:

Here is a link to the movie's web site:

Now, you might be asking yourself, "why haven't I seen this movie in the theaters?" Perhaps it's because this is a movie about saving your money, instead of spending it in a movie theater?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Holiday Music

Yes, I finally changed the music playing on the blog. I started with some October/ Halloween fun (including Sally's Song from Nightmare Before Christmas), then moved onto Christmas. I can't think of any Thanksgiving songs, maybe some of you know of some that I could add. At any rate, these are some of my favorites, although there is a song called "Because It's Christmas" from Barry Manilow that wasn't available to add. That's one of the favorites I'm sad I couldn't put on the list.