Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Geography 101

Yes, Arizona's southern border is shared with Mexico. I think Milwaukee needs to find a better excuse than this for their boycott.

And the meeting she is referring to between Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and President Obama? That occurred BECAUSE of 1070. The governor has NEVER had that kind of access to the President of the United States, until the legislature in the State of Arizona passed a law allowing local police to do what the U.S. Federal Government has failed to do for the citizens of Arizona.

Is 1070 the answer to our illegal immigration problems? No. It's putting a bigger band aid on a gushing wound. They are looking at stopping illegal immigration when it reaches Arizona, not at it's source which is Mexico. Mexico has a porous southern border and no health and education services for their poor. Instead of looking to use the aid we send to Mexico to force them to fix these issues, there will continue to be a flood of illegal immigration into the states bordering the Mexico border, and yes that includes Arizona.

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