Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Catching Up

Yesterday I finished the annual cleaning and shutting down of my computer lab/classroom. Year end is always a little sad, as you have students and teachers leave, both of whom have become friends over the course of the school year.

I'll be going back in tomorrow to help a few people out with backing up their files, but other than that, I've been resting and trying to recuperate from all of the work I had to do last week to finish off the school year. I also knew I needed to give my body a break, as I was spotting blood around one of the suture areas last week while I got the year end stuff for the teachers done.

I went to the doctor, and they are keeping the stitches in and allowing them to dissolve on their own, so I was spared that pain. Everything did come out to be benign, and the doctor has a DVD of the surgery that he will be making a copy for me, so I'll probably be calling next week to find out if I can go and get it. I'm still in pain, as you might expect, and can still feel the stitches when I'm not on the Tylenol.

The next bit that I'm doing, slowly, is to catch up on the house work here at home. During the school year, I'm busy working during the day, attending activities in the evening, plus Mom and stuff with Church, so I don't have much time or energy to clean. This means things tend to pile up by the time summer comes along, this year is no exception. Laundry and dishes didn't get done after I had the surgery, so I'm finally getting through all of that now. Next will be disposing of the trash and recycling and starting the task of cleaning house.

The good news is after the shelving I had done over Spring Break with my Ikea stuff, I now have a lot more space to put things, so the books and videos I have to take home from school during the summer actually have a place now. The books still have to remain boxed, but hopefully some of that will be alleviated once I can go through and recycle my old college books and Decker's old engineering books. Yes, I still have things, a lot of things, in this home that were Decker's. When he died I saw how much you leave behind, it was one of the eye opening lessons I got. Knowing this, though, has helped me with getting rid of stuff of my own so I can discard the stuff I don't use.

I also have some electronics that I bought and use at school, I'll need to get a plan in order to see where those can be stored next.

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