Thursday, October 29, 2009

What A Day!

Today was rather interesting. Shortly after school commenced this morning (at 9:00 am) a distinct and remaining odor of gas was smelled outside the school from the direction of the cafeteria. This is an old school (40 years old this year) so some of the heating trays in the cafeteria probably use gas.

The school was evacuated for about 1 hour, and given the proximity of my computer lab I was able to see the excitement from the front office and front of the school, where the police, fire department and even an ambulance convened to locate the source. The gas company also came out and found that the gas leak was not at the school after all, but was coming from a nearby home instead. Thankfully no one got hurt, the evacuation was quick, orderly and done according to how we drill for these things several times per year.

The firefighters were even nice enough to give the kids in front of the school cards with a picture of the fire truck with facts about the truck on the back.

By the end of the day, the smell of gas was gone, so I'm thinking they found the source and got it safely nipped in the bud before someone lost their home.

Now back to our regularly scheduled learning.

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