Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Latest Joke In Health Insurance Reform

is actually on the Heath Insurance Industry. And yes, this laughing is for real. I love it when U.S. Senators get ticked off, and that's exactly what has happened. Health Insurance companies and their lobbyists have been spending big money to get the ear of Congress to take not only Single Payer off the table, but also the compromised start of the negotiations - a public plan paid for through Medicare. Okay, they've gotten their wish.

Now, because some of the language is starting to get "soft" on the law to make health insurance coverage mandatory for all U.S. Citizens, the Health Insurance companies are coming out with one "study" after another telling the public that their rates are going to go up if they don't get their way.

Senator Chuck Schumer has answered their response with one of his own: by calling on Congress to repeal the law made in 1945 to make Health Insurance Companies exempt from Anti Trust Laws. This is why you haven't seen much by way of real competition within this market, certainly not like you see with car insurance.


Read it for yourself: Senator Chuck Schumer

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