Monday, October 12, 2009

Should Students Be Paid to Do Well in School?

Do you think students in America should be paid to go to school and earn good grades?

Should Students Be Paid to Do Well in School?

To me, knowledge should be something you thirst for. The sad part is, France has socialized education, meaning not only is K-12 paid for by government, but also undergraduate degrees are also paid for.


Shellee said...

Absolutely NOT! There would be a lot more cheating in the schools and no one would really know how the students would be doing. Plus it would lead to a ton of favoritism by teachers and unfair judging. Some grade on a bell, some grade on a different standard than the rest. It's not a good idea at all!!!!

Dawn Bushman said...

There already is cheating, thank to NCLB, but yes, it would increase the propensity for children to be "coached" with their testing.

This puts a bandaid on a problem, rather than going at it's source: No Child Left Behind.