Friday, June 27, 2008

Yes, I Do Love Jane Austen

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

I love Jane Austen books. I'm probably the worst anglophile you've ever met, but I love Jane Austen books. And I've just found out that I resemble the closest to Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility.

To quote the site:

"You Are...Elinor Dashwood!

You are Elinor Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! You are practical, circumspect, and discreet. Though you are tremendously sensible and allow your head to rule, you have a deep, emotional side that few people often see."

I knew I liked Emma Thompson!

Many thanks to my Razzzberries friend Laurie for hooking me up with the quiz!

1 comment:

Laurie said...

Yeah, I can totally see the Elinore in you. That is EXCELLENT!