Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Ticking Time Bombs In Washington

There are two ticking time bombs in Washington D.C. They are called the Democratic and Republican parties and they will either blow themselves up or impale themselves on their own swords.

With the events surrounding the presidential elections the last few days, a lot of light has been shed to the U.S. as to how corrupt our nation's capitol has become. The "secret combinations", as they would be called in the Book of Mormon, have been brought out of the light. What is also interesting is to see how people have responded. We are truly becoming a country (and even a world) of "ites".

There are some who say they are loyal to Hillary Clinton but now back Barack Obama "for the good of the party". There are others who say they are "Americans first" and continue to back Hillary Clinton. There is one thing Hillary probably knows better than Barack, however, and that is when all is said and done with the election and if Barack is elected President of the U.S., he will have to hold his allegiance to the Democratic party who got him there.

These are people with big pockets and an agenda that has nothing to do with the needs of the U.S. For all of Barack's speech making, these people will simply tell him to "shut up". If you don't believe me, then why did Hillary Clinton, as First Lady during Bill Clinton's presidency, suddenly "shut up" with regards to her work on health care? It's because she and the President were told to "shut up" by those who got them into the White House. Don't believe me? How do you think they were able to purchase a nice, multi-million dollar home in New York and "gave" her a Senate seat after her work as First Lady? Do you think they could afford the home on the $200,000 per year a sitting President of the U.S. makes?

And now Hillary wants to become President, so look how the Democratic party has treated her, by choosing their new little "darling" family to be the ones in the White House (if Barack Obama wins). When Bill was President, and even after his Presidency, the Clintons were the "darling" family of the Democratic party. Now that they aren't, even Bill has spoken publicly about how the party and the media have come out against them, despite the fact that Hillary actually won the majority of the votes in the Primaries.

Then there is John McCain who doesn't seem to know which side of the fence he's on when it comes to being either a maverick who thinks for himself, or a Republican party politician who does what he's told. He's another one who will have to hold his allegiance to his backers in the Republican party if he is elected President.

The Clintons, as well as many Americans, are now finding out what the independent candidates have known all along: the system now in place for electing the President of the United States is a fraud. It has been so altered since the days of our founding fathers of this country even they would be leading a revolt against it. Do you think I'm wrong here? Let's take a look:

One of the reasons for the American Revolution to become the United States of America was the concept of taxation without representation. The American colonies were subject to British taxes, but King George III could care less about the needs of the colonists. This was one of the compelling reasons the founding fathers of our country used to unite the colonists enough to kick out the British. Now here's the question of the day: do you think we are truly represented in Washington D.C. when the agendas (and votes) of those with the power in the U.S. conflict with the needs of the majority of U.S. citizens?

- We have spiraling health care costs
- We have low wages
- We have an educational system that is deficient and broken
- We have environmental issues affecting the lives of citizens
- We have corporations whose executives are stealing the money of investors and employees (with little recourse by the law)
- We have municipalities taking the homes and properties by eminent domain for commercial development (allowed by U.S. Supreme Court)
- We have corporations who are getting financial incentives (tax breaks) to layoff workers here and send the jobs to other countries
- Those who are paid to represent companies and organizations (lobbyists) are double-dipping by working or volunteering as staff for members of Congress (both House and Senate)

With this type of an atmosphere, who is really being represented in Washington, the people or those with the most money? If you think it is the latter, then we have an atmosphere of taxation without representation.

What are your thoughts?

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