Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Now It's Mom's Turn

While I was typing the mammogram post, I got the strangest call. It was the plumber at my Mother's house, apparently she was vomiting and passing out on him, and I needed to get over there right away. Thankfully I had not yet left for the grocery shopping I was planning on doing, so I was able to save what I had typed, closed out and put my computer in sleep mode.

Thankfully I fed Rachel before I left, I left about 11:30 am, I got home at 9:30pm this evening. As of this writing I still have not eaten dinner, but Rachel has been fed and is very happily camped out on her latest perch, which is on top of the CPU of my PC.

Mom is going to be okay, but she is still at the hospital overnight, we'll find out if they've figured out what happened tomorrow. After all of the trips to the hospital we made with my Father, now it's Mom's turn.

Any prayers will be greatly appreciated.



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