Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where Good Ideas Come From

This is another of the latest talks from the last TED Conference.

As many of you have noticed from my blog, or know about me personally, I think outside the box when it comes to ideas. I tend to view information like pieces in a jig saw puzzle and use those pieces when I'm solving a problem. But, what I hadn't thought about until I saw this, was the value social networks play in also coming up with these solutions.

Just this past week, a teacher came to me in the lab with a problem that they didn't know how to solve. When they told me what they wanted, I was able to show them a way, using their laptop, to solve the problem, and do so in a way that was easier than the solution the teacher had come up with.

I love the final story he gives at the end and how he ties everything all together.

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