Sunday, October 3, 2010

Experience Marketing

I just found this talk while going through some of the other TED Talks on their web site and found it quite interesting.  If you've read my blog for the last little while, you might remember my using Barry Manilow as an example for how experience marketing could help sell tickets to his show in Vegas:

Turns out I might be closer to a solution to that problem than I realized.  :-)

The next question is:  If "experiences" are what sell in today's market, does "experience" education work?  Is this how schools and districts looking to attract students should be marketing themselves?  Of course, this means they are going to have to innovate in order to provide for these "experiences", which would mean a new model for teaching in the classroom.  The tuition based schools are already doing this, but how do you incorporate this in publicly funded schools?

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