Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Widow of Zarephath

With all of the work I've been doing around my home to prepare for the upcoming school year, I pulled my back out over the weekend and was unable to attend Church today.

The Sunday School lesson was on Elijah, After The Fire A Still Small Voice .

A part of this lesson contains the lesson of the Widow of Zarephath. She was in the midst of grief, in despair had resigned that she and her son would die and was making these preparations when she came upon Elijah.

In a selfless act of giving, she freely gave away what she believed would be the last of her food to save a stranger in need. What she didn't know was what would be in store for her, her son or this stranger.

Much like the widow giving of her two mites to the treasury, these are acts of women who have made sacrifices in their lives, continuing to give and contribute to others, no matter the consequences.

What many don't realize is these widows had already been schooled in sacrifice by the loss of their spouse. Widows and widowers today also receive that education.

Unfortunately there isn't much I can tell the uninitiated if they haven't experienced it themselves, but, trust me it's a club you don't want to belong to.

August 14th will make the 10 year anniversary of Decker's unexpected passing, I can tell you there is a lot in my life I've found I have no control over. I have to leave it in God's hands, which I learned beginning the day I came from the hospital in total shock and the first of many traumatic events I experienced as a result of Decker's death.

I do know, however, with my life in God's hands, things will work out. I don't know what will happen and what additional changes will be required in my life, but things will work out. God chose me to be among his widows, I can only pray for the faith and strength to live a life worthy to be in the eternal company of widows such as these.

If you are widowed yourself, particularly an LDS (Mormon) Widow or Widower, I have a blog I've had going for a little while to help with the grieving. The Widowed Connection. Feel free to stop by and take a look.

This artwork hangs in my home.

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