Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baby Miracles

Lately I've been seeing, through friends, family and television that miracles are still happening, particularly with our little ones.

One of my friends at Church brought her new born miracle girl today for the first time. The baby was born with Spina Bifida and was born prematurely as there was fluid building in her chest. She is still undergoing medical procedures, but was such a beautiful little girl, sleeping through Sacrament Meeting this morning like a little angel.

A friend of mine on Facebook posted this story out of Australia:

Mother Nurses Son Back From The Dead

Here's the video:


Shellee said...

Dawn, I'm glad you think my baby is cute, we love her to pieces.

One of my very smart doctors told me, "Sometimes all it takes is the faith of a mother." I have to disagree with him. It's been the faith of all those who've prayed for my daughter. I'm such a lucky person to have such great friends.

Dawn Bushman said...

I love little Olivia! She is such a precious little girl.