Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crossing Guard Training

Bundling up for a bad winter morning.

Today was the annual crossing guard training class, this time it was presented by Maricopa County rather than through our District.

You meet the greatest people at these meetings, people from all walks of life and at different stages in their lives willing to work part time for meager wages to get children to school safely each day, rain or shine.  We carpooled to the convention center where this was located at by school bus and I was remind of just how my 5'7" body doesn't fit in those seats.  :-)

There was a lot I learned about today, but there was also some humor as well.  Some of it planned and some of it, well, just experienced.  LOL.

Among the crossing guards working this school year are two older gentlemen who are from the "greatest generation" in age.  And, as with two old war horses, they like to talk.  And talk.  And talk.  Are you getting the idea?  One of them was the spitting image of one of the Statler and Waldorf muppets from The Muppet Show.

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