Monday, April 26, 2010

It's A...

cyst. A big one. And yes, call me silly, but since most of my friends are pregnant or new mommies and have been showing off their ultrasounds of their babies, I should have something to show for all of the pain I've been through too!

This thing is now bigger than a grapefruit, almost the size of a football. No wonder I can't reach my toes when I tie my shoes in the morning. They had a hard time locating my left ovary because this thing is just blocking everything.

Warning: Men may want to skip this paragraph. Unfortunately, this was not the nice jelly on the belly ultrasound (I've had those on my breasts to check on lumps), but a wand with a condom over it that was inserted, yep you guessed it, into the vagina. And since I've already got cramps going down there, yeah, I'm going to be sore for a little while.

I'll be seeing the doctor a week from tomorrow and hopefully we can get the surgery scheduled so I can get rid of this thing and move on with my life!



Update #2

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