Friday, April 30, 2010

The Look of Love

Yep. I have no idea why, unless Barry and his manager Garry have gotten thin skins after 30 + years in the music industry, but for some reason this is what I've gotten when I try to access my account on the My Manilow Network. They've also deleted my page on the site.

But, I will add, this is also what long time fans have gotten for years, once that fan is no longer looking at Barry with those Rose Colored Glasses (La Vie En Rose - not).

I can still view the site when I'm not logged in, so no matter. And if this is how Barry and Garry want for this to end, C'est La Vie.

How's my French now, Barry?

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Dawn Bushman said...

The latest update on this is there is a growing consensus that the "Manilow Mafia" is behind my getting the boot. Also, two others have gotten the boot over the weekend as well.