Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Message For Congress

Particularly, this message is for Senator Jim Bunning from Kentucky.

For those of my friends who didn't see this, here is some video of what happened:

Senator Bunning is objecting to this because he states "it isn't paid for". He wouldn't listen.

Then this from CNN:

Now if you notice, he's blocking the reporters from going on an elevator that is marked "Senators Only". He's telling the reporters demanding answers that they cannot be on the elevator, and he is not answering to them. Nor is he answering to the American voter.

Here's a message for Senator Bunning: You want to talk about benefits that are not paid for? Let's talk about your health insurance. Let's talk about your pay as a Senator. These come out of the same pool of money as everything else you are blocking because "they aren't paid for". Neither are the benefits you currently enjoy, and you will continue to enjoy at tax payer's expense once you have retired.

Perhaps it's time the tax paying voters created their own Constitutional Amendment stating that the pay of a Senator will come at the vote of the people, not a vote of the U.S. Senate, as it currently is. Every year you and your colleagues give each other pay raises, is that paid for?

Perhaps we should cut your benefits, along with all of the rest of the Congress, until the budget is balanced, and it is proven to the voters that your pay and benefits are actually paid for within the approved budget. Perhaps then the citizens of the U.S. will see some action?

And for the other readers let me make one point clear: do you know who pays for that "Senators Only" elevator? Yep, We The People. It's not theirs, it's ours.

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