Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Couponers

I have a memory to share with this video.

When Decker and I married, we both agreed it would be in everyone's best interests for me to quit working in order to graduate with my bachelor degree faster. I did this - and ended up on the Dean's List my last full semester - and was looking forward to being a stay at home mom after graduation.

Decker would repeatedly tell me about how stay at home wives are the unpaid CEO's of the home - and it should be allowed to be reflected as such on a resume. Studies have shown this. I used to be a couponer, although, I was never this good, but I used to score big time with my couponing exploits and save some really good money on the things we actually used.

Seeing thrift like this on the video brings a smile to my face and warms my heart, because it reminds me of those happy times with Decker.


Whitney said...

Holy moly! That is insane. If I paid that guy to grocery shop for me, do you think that he could find a way to bring me back some extra cash? I'd like that.

Dawn Bushman said...

I know, I know. I could never aspire to be that good. He should go into business as a personal shopper, he'd make a TON of money with that kind of expertise.

texas_fan said...

I don't care what he's hoarding. I mean seriously, when will he EVER eat all that Jello?