Friday, May 22, 2009

What Social Class Are You?

I have no idea, and I don't care. At least that's what I wanted to tell Oprah today about her show. People were talking about their nice upper middle class to upper class lifestyles and how hurt they are that they can no longer afford to keep it up. I actually felt really sad for them.

You see, I'm a woman who has seen both sides of this coin. I started out in a working class (lower middle class) family, married a man who made good money to where we had a comfortable lifestyle, then to lose it suddenly with his death. Instead of a husband, I got a life insurance check. There are worse things in life to deal with than keeping up appearances when times get rough.

I'm grateful to have a home I own and it is paid for. Friends of mine told me to sell and get a bigger home during the housing boom, look where I'd be now if I had listened?

I'm grateful to have a car I own and it's paid for.

I'm grateful to have money in the bank, and food storage for when that money starts getting low.

I'm grateful for my friends, family and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One day I'll be able to ditch the money and get my husband back.

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