Monday, May 18, 2009

An Interesting Quote

This was from the October 2008 General Conference, in an address called The Test given by President Boyd K. Packer. I understand the reason the Lord prompted him to give this talk, do you?

This is one quote he gives, from Elder Phineas Richards:

"Brethren and friends, we who have lived to three-score years, have beheld the government of the United States in its glory, and know that the outrageous cruelties we have suffered proceeded from a corrupted and degenerate administration, while the pure principles of our boasted Constitution remain unchanged. …"

The really interesting part is this talk came during the election cycle, just prior to the U.S. Presidential elections held in November.

Do you think the U.S., by October 2008, suffered from a corrupted and degenerate administration?

I think you know what my answer is.

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