Friday, May 22, 2009


In the good old summertime... if you don't know that song, you're probably very young.

Today marked the first day of my summer break from school, and while I still had a few things to do at the school today, I was out by noon.

I'm very grateful for our PE teacher, Rick, who was very kind in voluntarily helping me out with my boxes of books and movies.

I'm also very grateful for the teachers who were so kind in giving me hugs, cards of thanks, and one teacher even gave me a gift card for Best Buy after I spent an evening teaching her how to make movies using iMovie and Garageband. She and her students made a music video, and the kids got a real kick out of it. I'll have to get with this teacher to see if her students would like to re-work the screen play I made over 10 years ago (and yes, it is registered under my maiden name of Cassandra Dawn Sells in the Library of Congress for copyright) into a movie. They'll need to shorten the screenplay (it's roughly 100 pages long), so they can make a short movie out of it, but it will be a fun, new way of teaching writing and the importance of vocabulary.

Since these students will be 5th graders next year, maybe I could approach the 5th grade teachers instead with the idea.

I'm very grateful for the kids, without them I wouldn't have a job, but I also wouldn't have the joy of watching them grow and develop, even within the course of one school year. Parents who ignore their children for their own self interests are really missing out. The kids are the reason I stay, it's the politics in education that drives me crazy.

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