Saturday, May 30, 2009

Strike One More Item Off The To-Do List

You have no idea how thrilled I am right now.

For months now I have been taking the laundry to my Mother's home because my washing machine was draining the water out onto the floor of my condo. Given that I live on the 3rd floor I was thankful it didn't cause any damage to the neighbors in the unit directly downstairs from me.

Today I got the washing machine fixed. Given that this is one of those combo washer/dryer units, it was much less to fix than to replace. So I got it fixed. And now, as I type this, the happy hum of my washing machine is doing some laundry, without my having to cart the laundry downstairs, drive it to Mom's, bring it back and take it back upstairs.

And now that the repairman has left the premises, Rachel the Watch Cat can go back to her Queen of the Domicile attitude and lounge at my feet.

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