Thursday, May 1, 2008

Immigration Reform Part 2

To continue with the conversation on immigration reform, here's a few articles to provide some food for thought.

The first is the most recent, from CNN, called No More Money To Mexico. The downturn in the economy is hurting the immigrants as well as the citizens of the U.S.

The other article is from the February 2008 issue of National Geographic Magazine. The article is called Mexico's Other Border and talks about the immigration problem Mexico has with its own Southern border.

This is a huge issue, reaching down into South America. However I still feel the start is to help the people of Mexico create a better Mexico.

It will probably mean a change in our country's leadership as well as Mexico's leadership. Our government is spending too much time playing politics and have forgotten whom they truly represent.

It will mean a change in educating Mexico's citizens (children as well as adults) in order for this transition to occur. Did you know that most children in Mexico do not go to school if the family cannot afford it? There are no truancy laws in Mexico because education has not been a priority in the smaller areas of the country. Many of the children going to school here fear of having to go live in Mexico because they know they will not have a future there. There are no opportunities to go to college if the family cannot afford the cost of tuition for an elementary education.

There is a solution, it's called technology. Not only to educate the students, but to also provide long-distance professional development for the teachers as well.

Let's continue this conversation...

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