Saturday, January 26, 2008

Immigration Reform

There's a lot of political buzz, especially here in Arizona, over reforming the immigration laws of the United States.

There's a few things I'd like to say that I think could go a long way in creating the kind of immigration reform I'd like to see here.

First of all, we need to do more about securing our borders. This isn't about keeping law abiding neighbors of other countries out, it's about keeping the citizens of other countries who want to kill Americans out. We've already had one 9/11/2001, I do not wish to see another repeat of this.

Unfortunately, this idea is fostering an us vs. them mentality, where people are pushing it to include the law abiding neighbors.

For Mexico, I would love to see another conversation come out of this: what can we as a people (as well as We The People of The United States Government) do to help the people of Mexico create a better Mexico?

If I were the President of Mexico, I would be ashamed to lead a country of people willing to die to leave rather than willing to die to live there.

Personally, I believe the people of Mexico want a better Mexico, they don't know how to go about creating that change. It's all about education, plus some pushing on our Government's part.

In my Church, there is a Perpetual Education Fund. This allows people from all over the world to receive the funds to get a good education, then once they graduate they repay the fund for the money they've used (there's no interest on the loans, however additional donations are always welcome).

I've been reading the book "Age of Turbulence" by Alan Greenspan. One point he brings up is about land ownership. I haven't done the research on this, but are the poor in Mexico able to purchase property of their own in Mexico, or is this reserved for only those wealthy enough to afford it?

As for the news about Bill Gates giving money towards farming in underdeveloped countries, would this be a possibility in Mexico? I honestly do not have an answer to this, but it's worth looking into.

As for our Government, what is the money for the aid to Mexico going towards? I know there is some aid that is slated to go towards stopping the drug trafficking between Mexico and the U.S. I'd like to see more accountability of where that money is going towards, namely towards creating jobs that will pay well in Mexico. In fact, any jobs created by the U.S. Foreign Aid should be subject to the same minimum wages that we have here.

I'd like to see a joint education initiative also come out of this. As it is now, if a family in Mexico cannot afford private schooling, the children do not go to school at all. There are no truancy laws (or at least they are not enforced) to get the children in Mexico educated. This is another area that needs to change, and that can happen with the help of the U.S. Government.

The technology is there for children in Mexico to meet and learn from children in other countries, this technology could also be applied towards teacher development as well. Are we using the technology as well as we can? The wealthiest man in the world comes from Mexico, and just happens to have among his holdings ownership of a telecommunications/cable company. Perhaps some of his money could go towards getting schools in remote areas up and running with the technology to make this happen?

We just celebrated the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The principal of the school I work at spoke this week about how Dr. King was all about creating an atmosphere in the U.S. of equal opportunities. The U.S. isn't perfect as far as creating equal opportunities for our own citizens, but we shouldn't forget there are countries where there are no opportunities at all, and no one to assist in the people's fight for those opportunities. One of those countries seems to be Mexico.

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Shellee said...

I think that most of the fault about not changing Mexico, is the fault of the current President who just about a week ago admitted that he has a lot of family here in the US that are illegal. He is happy that the US is paying for their food, medical and education. He doesn't want them sent home, he thinks that they have a better life here. If the Pres. doesn't see the problem, how can it be fixed? He has no interest in keeping Mexico's citizens in Mexico and to help make it an easier place to live. He has clearly stated that he wants to open the borders from Mexico to the US for one reason, so that US citizens can pay for all of the harm that has occured in Mexico as a result of our "great economy". He has the capability to reform the country, enforce law and to educate his people.
How is the US supposed to keep the border safe if our people aren't "allowed" to racial profile? How can we secure the border against those who would attack when we can't tell the enemy from the illegal. Aren't illegal aliens as much terrorist as those who delight in having a million people siphon money from the welfare system?
We need to take away the "mooching" programs. Welfare, food stamps, Access, Education from those who are not paying into the system, then there might not be such an allure to cross the border...
This is a problem that should have never happened, but did because illegals feel as though they have MORE rights than those who are naturalized... Who is to take care of this, the ACLU??? Why don't they fight for American Rights?
After all, isn't it part of their name? AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union!!!!!!!!!