Sunday, May 4, 2008

Immigration Reform, Part 3

My very good friend, Shellee, brought up a great point that I would like to briefly discuss. She asked how can we tell who is coming across the border to work vs. crossing our borders to harm U.S. citizens?

This is going to involve a little bit of math, so I hope you guys can bear with me for just a moment.

Let's take a look at the current scenario that is playing out with border crossings. Right now we have some people legally crossing our borders to work in the U.S. These are people who have already passed background checks in order to receive permission to enter the U.S. and work.

We have others crossing illegally, at the risk of their own lives, in order to work. There are also others crossing our borders to either attack Americans or smuggle drugs into the U.S.

If we could better educate the people of Mexico on how to incite change within their country, do you think they will do it? I think the answer is yes. These are people who have left their homes and family to work and send money back to Mexico. They would much rather be at home, working for a decent wage to pay for their necessities in Mexico. If this need were filled, with good jobs, good wages and educational opportunities for their children, do you think they will be motivated to put their lives at risk trying to cross our borders? No.

If these people are no longer crossing our borders illegally, then who will be? Those who are smuggling drugs or have plans to attack Americans. Those who still wish to work in the U.S. can do so with a background check, and an employment verification, to receive a guest worker permit.

It's supply and demand. If the demand for jobs in the U.S. is no longer there, than the supply of illegal immigrants will drop.

In the meantime, the citizens of the U.S. can work on bring up their own living wages to match the cost of living...and on improving our own educational system.

Let's continue this conversation, shall we?

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