Sunday, May 4, 2008

Why I Will Never Vote For McCain Again

With election time rolling around, I wanted to share with my friends a little something that happened to me a few years ago when I tried to contact Senator John McCain.

If you haven't guessed yet, I live in Arizona, so Senator John McCain is one of the elected officials who is supposed to be representing my interests.

I saw the CNN news reports on what happened in the Gulf Coast region of the U.S. in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. An idea came to mind as to what FEMA could be doing to better prepare themselves and the U.S. citizens in handling a natural disaster such as what happened in Hurricane Katrina.

Given that this was also the time when reports were coming out (namely on Oprah) showing all of the unused trailers that had been purchased by FEMA to house those affected. These trailers, numbering in the thousands, were sitting vacant on land that FEMA was paying thousands of dollars to lease. It was a complete waste of the taxpayers money. The idea I had at that time encompassed a way to utilize the trailers and cut the burden on the taxpayer at the same time.

This is what I sent (repeatedly) to Senator McCain:

This was the process of getting this idea to Senator McCain, and a scanned copy of the letter I received from his office in response:

Hopefully you've now read both of these. I would now change the housing to more permanent housing (either barracks or apartment type housing).

I can only say I hope the Senator didn't actually read what I sent and what his staff sent in response, or I would be asking for him to be removed from office right now. As it stands, it appears he is so isolated from his own constituents in Arizona, think about what kind of President of the U.S. he will make?

This is why I will never vote for Senator John McCain again, in any election.


Shellee said...

Okay, here I go.
Mexico WON'T change because they honestly believe that they have the right to American liberties because THEY say so.
The government in Mexico won't change because they don't see a problem with people illegally migrating to leech off the American system. This way, they don't have to pay for them, why not encourage it?
Their education won't change because they can come here and get a free ride, college included.
With regards to education here, the prophet has stated that we should not put off having families for our education, but should have them and should work to continue our education. The biggest problem with education is that there are no scholarships provided for those are getting an education to better their income status. A lot of them are geared towards racial status and background. How many people do you know have a family and live meagerly off of school loans? We never did, but then again I worked so that my husband could rush through his BA. The only way that you get grants is to be a low-income family, and take from the system in the form of food stamps, WIC and other AMERICAN provided finacial help. Still, in this economy, a degree doesn't mean a job.
As for McCain, while I believe that you provided great ideas to him for consideration, I think he has a ton of things to deal with. I don't think that he gave full attention to it because he probably didn't have the time, but I would still take him over Obama (who doesn't believe in the flag, nor american rights just civil ones, and thinks of the country as beyond repair) and Clinton (who is running for president because she wants to one-up her husband and claims HIS experiences as her own, has her own agenda, and will fight the republicans so much that nothing will get done anyway). I think that McCain is the lesser of two evils, he wants the troups to stay in Iraq so that all this time hasn't been a waste and is not too proud to admit when he doesn't know something (economy) but will ask help from those who do...
I think what Joe Arpaio is doing with the sweeps is a good thing. He has targeted neighborhoods that are known for crime and if those people thought that they were untouchable because they were illegal and could flee, they were wrong. I am afraid to go into Guadalupe. That place is scary.
I don't think that mexicans are a bad people, but I do think that the ones that sneak across the border for hopes of a better life are. If you truly want the best for your family, why not go about it the right way and then feel secure about your rights. Illegals don't have the right to protest, that's an american right, it says so in the AMERICAN constitution. If the want to shout "Viva Mexico", then they should go there to shout it. If you want to shout "viva America" then go right on ahead, I won't stop you.

Myra said...

Dawn, You should consider running for political office. You have a good perspective and would do very well. Someday I hope to run for office, but I am so afraid of the corruption (and I hate speaking in front of people) that it'll probably never happen. But here's to dreaming!