Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break

Spring Break for me is now officially over, but it's been a great one!

The nightstand next to my bed has been reorganized, and space made for my journals, which freed up bookshelf space elsewhere for Church books.

The entertainment center has been cleared off and looks so much better!

The Windows laptop that was also accumulating stuff was cleared off and moved to the desk in the office that was also cleared off to make space for it.  Taxes this year will be a lot easier to get done!!

The couch was also cleared off, allowing me to be able to lay down while watching tv after having two root canals done on Friday.

The diningroom table is not completely cleared off, however a significant amount of stuff that belongs elsewhere has been put away.

The iCreate and other Mac magazines have been boxed up in the office, and some of the older and no longer used technology has also been boxed up, allowing me to better organize some of the initial "zones" in my office.  The next up will be gathering and boxing up my writing notebooks and other supplies into one spot, plus boxing up the computer books.

Eventually I will be dismantling the desk in the office and getting rid of it, it takes up too much space that is needed for CD/DVD/book storage, along with an area for me to put the tech stuff that isn't currently being used in the office.  Trust me, it will make sense.  I know what I want, it's just taking a little while to get there.  What will help in this endeavor will be getting my bookshelf and my platform bed moved here from Mom's.  It's the last of my furniture that did't get moved over before Decker died.

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