Saturday, March 1, 2014

Shopping Haul

Yes, I went shopping today.  I spent more than planned, which is not such a good thing, but it was stuff that was all needed (okay maybe Season 4 of Downton Abby is not considered a need, but it will be when I have oral surgery in a few weeks).


Besides the bottled water and Vitamin water, I also got some more of my file boxes (they are also known as banker's boxes) and saw a wonderful item that I have been in need of to help keep up with the bills.

I'll give a picture tour later on to show how I use the storage boxes with my filing system.  The desk organizer will be very useful to use in my office, once I can get furniture moved in and get things better organized, plus get a new desk for the office.

Total bill:  $158


I love the deals that Staples and Office Max have every once in a while, the promo where if you can fit it in a bag, you get a percentage off.  Today was the last day of getting one of those deals with a 20% off coupon.

What I got:

A smaller Staples Better Binder, along with inserts to house business cards, some paper and some pockets.  This is going to be somewhat of a home binder, with the business cards coming from the various companies I use for repairs and maintenance.  I already have a large binder for emergency preparedness, however I need to get the vital records documentation sorted in that (such as Decker's death certificate, etc.).

Also, two packages of the expanding file pockets.  These I use in conjunction with the banker's boxes. I've used this system for years, I just got a little messy and not very good at keeping it up since Decker's death, so I need to get back into the groove of the system.

Total:  $44 after discounts.

99 Cent Only Store:

This was a store located next to Walmart.  I couldn't get into the Walmart parking lot and ended up parking at this store instead, so I thought I would check it out to see what it had.  I've been to discount stores before, this one is larger and has more items, including it's own grocery section.

I got:

2 packages of fortune cookies
1 package of almond cookies
Letter organizer for a desktop (to be used in the dining/entryway area of my home for outgoing letters and bills)

Air fresheners (the scent is hard to find at Walmart - they are usually out of stock)
2 packages of black ink pens
1 package of sticky post-it notes
1 Dish drying mat for my emergency supplies

Total:  $12

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