Saturday, March 8, 2014

JC Penney Part 2

I guess I didn't make the 24 hour tech free day (supposed to be from sundown yesterday to sundown today).

I went to JC Penney today to get my hair cut and I wanted to make a few observations.

1.  I do like the new look of the store, although some of the flooring is still not completed.

2.  While waiting for my hair appointment, I noticed all of these wonderful gadgets to use on hair.  Then I looked out the doorway to where the luggage was.  Do you know what was missing?  Toiletry bags and envelopes to use for those gadgets that people use on their hair.  What are they supposed to use for that stuff once they have bought the pretty luggage?

3.  I went over to the purses.  They don't have any nice ones (I like pockets and lots of pockets) that also fit my iPad.  Something I can use daily.  I guess I'll have to go to the Container Store for that.  There was nothing in the luggage area for it, either.

4.  One major downer:  they got rid of the wi-fi at the salon.  For a while (when they had the forner Apple guy as CEO) they actually had wi-fi in the salons.  The new management has taken a step backwards and turned it off.  Apparently these guys have never had to wait for 45 minutes for the hair color to process, only to find you couldn't download a good book if you wanted to.

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