Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Major Victory For Me

Tonight was the final touch in a major victory for me. You see, I'm a clutter bug, big time. I work at an elementary school, which doesn't leave me any time during the day to clean, and when I get home I'm usually exhausted or doing something else, so cleaning has taken a back seat. My home shows for it, and if you have seen it lately you'd know how big a victory the picture below is:

I had some motivation for getting the dining room table cleaned off: I had home teachers coming over and no place for them to sit in the living room. Yes, that will be another job to tackle, probably starting tomorrow.

Now, pray tell, what happened to the cans of Rachel's cat food I used to store on the table? I finally got rid of a bunch of cans of food that were old and no longer good anymore on the pantry shelving to make space for her food:

I have to tell you, though, getting everything organized so I could trash what I didn't need and clear the table off took longer than I expected given I ended up getting sick with the stomach flu midway through this little "project". The stuff behind and around it will need some shelving put up, it's my emergency preparedness stuff I keep next to the front door.

I even took the time to put some decorative touches on the table, from a table runner to my replica Faberge candy dish.

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