Saturday, March 11, 2017

Free Tax Help

If you live in the United States, April 15th is approaching.  There are some online sites that can offer help with getting your taxes done.

The one caveat I will say with this; if you have a situation where you feel you will need professional help, seek it.  Get in touch with the IRS directly, or go through a CPA either privately or through a professional tax service.  Usually I use TurboTax and file myself, however when my husband passed away, I had a CPA handle my taxes for that year, and I highly recommend anyone else in that situation to do the same.

That said, there is free tax help from the IRS.

Here is a basic link:  Free Tax Help

You can also file your federal taxes for free via the IRS:  Free File

For Low Income taxpayers, they have some information at this link:  Low Income Taxpayer Clinics

For the State of Arizona (where I live), the Arizona Department of Revenue offers this site for free and paid tax services:

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