Saturday, February 11, 2017

Unboxing - The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i

This is something I've been wanting and saved up for last year, and it finally arrived on my doorstep on December 30, 2016.

I've done some basic scanning with it, such as my older tax documents to pdf before shredding them. It scans both sides of the page at the same time, and can scan multiple pages, up to about 5 pages at a time before you start to see document jams.

My employer uses a different version of ScanSnap, and since I was already familiar with how to troubleshoot those, I thought this might be a great way to start to digitize documents where a physical document isn't needed.  I'll post some videos at the bottom of this post to help give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

On with the show!

Before you can plug in, the yellow tape stops and tells you to install the software first.  Very nice!

The software works on either Windows or Mac, so you do have a choice!

Be sure to install everything.  You also need to submit your information on their web site in order to get the download for the ABBY software that allows you to scan to Microsoft Office products.  

We are ready to start scanning!  The extra cable allows you to use your computer as a power source for mobile scanning.

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