Saturday, February 4, 2017


There are a lot of blogs and vlogs that go into schedules.

Some are monthly (which bills get paid which days of the month), some do weekly (it's Wednesday, what household blessings do I do today?) while others do daily schedules.

While I do some monthly scheduling for bill payment, my daily schedule is usually determined by meetings, deadlines and what emergency am I taking care of today.  There are days when I'm balancing work with doctor appointments for Mom and myself.

The main schedule that I keep for myself is actually a weekly schedule and usually consists of one or two words.  Which opportunity is scheduled for each day of the week?

Monday is fueling up the car and grocery shopping.
Tuesday is snail mail and finances.
Wednesday is recycling.  Recycling can also mean donating.
Thursday is trash day.
Friday is dishes.
Saturday is laundry.
Sunday is rest and catch up on other stuff not done previously.

The reason I do this is to try to make it so I'm not running like a crazy person on Saturday and Sunday, as I've done some basic upkeep during the week.  I do need to start on a routine in the evening, though, of spot cleaning I could do for 15 minutes per day.  The big problem is ether remembering to do it, or just simply exhaustion and sleep deprivation.  We'll see how things go in the coming months.

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