Monday, November 7, 2016

More Local Politics - The Arizona Corporation Commission

The Arizona Corporation Commission is a government entity that his charged with overseeing the major utilities for Arizona, including railroads, electricity, television and internet services.

This is to make sure that the people have a voice over the utility bills they are paying.

The problem is that as of the last few years, there have been issues with people who have ties to the corporations providing these utilities getting elected to the corporation, and some of the corporations who have indirect ties to the Commission paying campaign contributions.

How bad has it gotten?

The important part is to look at who funded this campaign advertisement, Pinnacle West Corporation.

This is quite something, given the issues Pinnacle West has had regarding campaign contributions, thanks to the efforts of Bob Burns to expose it.

Just watch:

So what is a corporation to do when it has money to burn?

Also of special interest is Andy Tobin and his interest in the railroads.  Why?

Tobin Appointed To Corporation Commission

Tobin Appointed As Insurance Commissioner

It's evident that Andy Tobin is Governor Doug Ducey's man.  Having Tobin on the Corporation Commission might make things easier to get a few things passed regarding the railroads:

Ducey and Sonora, Mexico

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