Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Hypocrisy of The Politicans

So, is the U.S. Constitution hanging by a thread yet?

Yesterday a sitting justice of the U.S. Supreme Court passes away and the next thing you hear is a member of Congress threatening to stall any appointments made by a sitting President.

The Republicans are wanting to control the bench, and make no mistake, this has nothing to do with preserving the Constitution of the United States.

It has to do with influencing and agendas.

Want to make it so that civil asset forfeiture remains legal?  Get a conservative on the bench and make law enforcement very happy - and very lucrative.

Want to place term limits on those in Congress?  It will not happen if the Republicans can have any laws overturned that would place term limits on members of Congress.

Want reforms made to the Federal Tax Code?  Not if any passed can be overturned by the Supreme Court.

Why is this?  Because those who stand to benefit the most financially from legal manipulation want a "conservative" sitting President, a "conservative" majority in Congress and who will stop these two if there is a majority of "conservatives" in the Supreme Court who will use the bench to promote what the "conservatives" want, even if it goes against the Constitution of the United States.

People are forgetting that if you truly want a democracy, there needs to be a balance of power, or there will be (and currently are) a segment of people who will be shut out of democracy altogether.

When this happens, the Constitution's "We, The People" will become a lie.

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