Saturday, December 18, 2010


No, I'm not talking about food, I'm talking about a social bookmarking site. From the sounds of the article I'll be linking, it may get sold. Whether it remains free to use, however, will depend on the buyer. In the meantime, be sure to back up your bookmarks and tags, if you use it. I've already done so with mine.

There is an alternative popping up that is listed in the comments of the article. We'll see if it becomes anything promising.

Yahoo Isn't Killing Delicious


Kevin said...

That would just make my day. Viva Delicious!

Dawn Bushman said...

I loved this site! It's an easy and permanent way for me to create and keep a list of web site for students and teachers to use, plus you can see who else saved the same link to see what else they have on the subject that you didn't find.

I was NOT a happy camper when I heard about Yahoo deciding to put this on their chopping block.

This is one of those sites that actually provided a real benefit for educators.

Thankfully I have the 1400 + links backed up. I'd hate to lose all of that work.