Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

The last three Christmases have been somewhat depressing, so I wanted to do a little bit of cheer this year. I finally got the music corner set up over the summer with the faux vintage stereo box, so I figured out how to get it to play from my iPod, which I had a bunch of Christmas songs on.

I had the music playing in the background, and this display set up in my dining area. And before you ask, yes that is a bookshelf in my dining room. If you know me well, you know I'm a big reader, so I actually have shelves in almost every room on my home. The exceptions are the two bathrooms and the kitchen (they are all too small or there would be shelves in those as well).

It was a fun evening, Mom brought over the unprepared food and we baked and cooked in my kitchen. While we waited for the food, we sat in the livingroom and enjoyed the music and chatted for a little bit.

By the time we were ready to eat, I had told her about Barry singing in Oslo. Of course I had to bring out my laptop and show her. LOL. The first part of our meal was spent eating at the table watching Barry perform on my laptop. Once his performance was finished, I turned the Christmas music back on.

All in all, it was a really nice evening, and Mom seemed to enjoy herself quite a bit. Especially the part where she leaves and doesn't have to take dirty dishes home to clean them. :-)

We did exchange gifts, neither of us had time to make up cards, so we just handed our unwrapped gifts to each other. We laughed at how bad we've gotten over the years, compared with how big the Christmases were when I was a kid. Maybe one of these days I'll pull out the pictures and post them, we waited until Christmas Day and Robin and I would sneak to the tree before Mom and Dad got up to see if we could figure out what we had gotten from Santa.

My sister, Robin, and I had some laughs about that earlier in the day when I called her at her home in Oregon to wish her a Merry Christmas.

And to all of you, a very Merry Christmas.

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