Thursday, September 30, 2010

Notes From Students

The most fun part of working in education comes in the form of notes, conversations and interactions with the students.

Last week, for my birthday I received colorful homemade cards of flowers and cakes from all four of our kindergarten classes, and one very thoughtful teacher even escorted five students from another teacher's class to my computer lab to serenade me a happy birthday.

That wasn't the only serenade, though, as all of the classes for that day, the second and third graders at my lunch duty as well as the sixth graders over speaker phone also sang happy birthday.

Today was another treat.  I was outside doing my crossing guard job when one of the students handed me a baggie with a cookie, a napkin and a note while saying thank you for keeping her alive.  She meant safe, but the way people drive through school zones these days, there's probably more truth to that than I'd care to admit to.

When I later had time to enjoy the cookie (homemade chocolate chip, the BEST), I read the note.  Keep in mind, this is from a second grader, they still don't have the proper word usage and grammar down yet.

Dear Mrs. Bushman
Thank you for the cross.  And for keeping us alive.

Your Friend,

(Student's Name)


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