Monday, July 19, 2010

For Jellibeanz & Carol

I have a good friend from Canada who is one of the banned 4 musketeers from the MMN (My Manilow Network). Like so many of the other people on there, she had multiple accounts under different aliases, so each one that got banned, she'd come back as someone else.

We 4 are a lively and opinionated bunch. Now, from what we've read, you can hear crickets chirping on the site because people are afraid to say anything that will either get deleted, slammed by Barry's self appointed guardians, or turned in and banned from the site. Being banned has set each of us free. We still maintain our friendships via Facebook without any allegiance to Barry.

Well, Jellibeanz has said goodbye for the last time to the MMN. With only one alias left, instead of waiting for them to hunt her down and turn her in for banishment, she has chosen to leave instead. She did so with a different video of Frank Sinatra singing My Way, but I'm going to use this one. This is for you, Beanz.

Another of the banned ones, Carol, likes this version by Elvis, in his final concert. This one's for you, Carol.

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