Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ballot Measure Descriptions

Have you ever received the booklet from your county recorder's office giving you a description of what is going to be on an upcoming ballot? Not only the people, but also the propositions? Have you read the abbreviated description as opposed to the full verbiage of the proposition, in hopes of making sense of what it is you're voting for or against? These are called ballot measure descriptions, and in Maricopa County (which comprises of Phoenix and surrounding cities in Arizona) there is a specific procedure, prescribed by law, as to how those descriptions are written. I didn't know about this, but I happened to watch Horizon one evening and found out. Here's the video:

Also, if you are interested, there have been some public debates on Horizon for the local offices, including the upcoming election for Governor, that have aired on Horizon. You can find the video for those and other topics here:


The Democratic debate for John McCain's Senate seat is Friday July 9th, 7 pm on Channel 3 in Phoenix.

The Republican debate for the election on U.S. Senator John McCain's seat will be held on July 16th. Here is more information on that:

McCain, Hayworth and Deakin Debate

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