Thursday, May 6, 2010

Large Companies Dropping Health Care

It used to be when you were looking for a job, one of the factors to look at was their health care package. This may all be changing, if this article is accurate.

Companies Dropping Benefits

Now, this article makes it sound like it would doom all of us if these companies dropped their health care coverage. But let's ask a few questions, first.

When companies say they are spending so much of their money in health insurance, why is that? It's because the for-profit companies have the market cornered when it comes to where you can go to set up a plan for a large employer.

However, what do you think is going to happen when the largest "company" investing in health insurance is the government? What if the government started to control the prices it would pay for services and pharmaceuticals? This would force the health insurance industry to re-think their pricing practices, and force the cost of health insurance to go down if they wanted to lure any of the more lucrative companies back.

Supply? Meet Demand.

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