Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I just wanted to clarify a few remarks I've made online regarding the people on the MMN.

First of all, not all of them are stalkers, or members of the Manilow Mafia. These honors only belong to a few. Unfortunately, it's those few who are making life miserable for everyone else on there. Standing up to them would be the solution, however whenever that happens, the blog or discussion ends up getting heated and then deleted by the Fan Club. While this keeps things "under wraps", it really isn't solving the heart of the problem.

However, I also want to point out that there are some wonderful people to be met in Manilowland, regardless of whether they are on the MMN or not. There are also other sites, such as the message board on Google, as well as some wonderful blogs focused on Barry. And while getting a bunch of women together can get a little silly, those are the friendships I treasure and want to continue, without the MMN.


Sheron said...

I wouldn't worry about needing to clarify what you said. Any thinking person would understand you didn't mean everyone on MMN falls into the oddball category. There are always some who seem to monopolize groups, and make it difficult or uncomfortable for others to be a part of their "special" clique.

Dawn Bushman said...

You would think, since we all love Barry, that that common ground would help people to get along better, and realize the entire world should all be one "clique". That's the unifying power of music. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened, which makes me sad.

Sheron said...

It's called "green eyed jealousy." These people believe Barry is theirs, and you can't have him. They believe he thinks they're his biggest, bestest fans. Therefore, anyone not in their inner circle is the enemy. I've been in the hardcore Barry fan world since 1983, and I've seen it happen over and over.

When Barry says it's hard being a Barry Manilow fan, one of the things that makes it hard are fans like those who think they own MMN.