Friday, January 1, 2010

Well, We're Off To A Start

I'm getting the last of the laundry done and doing a little work around the house.

Can I just say I love technology? No, make that LOVE technology.

Some technology is timeless, like a hammer and some nails.

These have been sitting around the house in boxes for at least 5 years. Yep, that's right, 5 years. They are now, as planned, up in the walls of my office, which I'm decorating to look a little like Disneyland (Anaheim).

Some technology is making my life a WHOLE lot easier. You see, only my master bedroom and living room are wired for cable. This means I would need the house rewired to allow the guest bedroom and office to have access. Since I can't afford that, I found another means of at least getting my internet (which is through the cable company) back into the office.

My desktop PC is now officially WIRELESS! Which means, for the first time since Decker and I got married 11 years ago and we moved the PC into the livingroom, it's days in the livingroom are now NUMBERED! YAY!

I know it sounds trivial to a lot of you, but it isn't to me. This is a HUGE step in getting things reorganized since Decker's death, which has been over 9 years ago.

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